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Templates & Other Services

  • Templates

    Click here for a PowerPoint and Keynote sample (note: downloads will not work on mobile devices). A beautifully designed template is not only just one with elegant aesthetics, but also one that is features very precise formatting & fonts, a color scheme that is a spot-on match to your company branding or logo, and the elimination of irrelevant or unused, masters. This provides you with a user-friendly, idiot-proof blue print for presentations that even an admin can go in and make text changes and still produce marketing collateral that makes your organization look great!
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    Conversion Of InDesign And Illustrator Print Collateral To (Animated) PowerPoint Or Keynote

    Most print designers use Adobe InDesign and Illustrator to create documents. But what happens when that same designer wants to create a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, hoping for the exact same specs, formatting, color, etc.? It is possible! What if you also want to bring this print collateral to life in a presentation with animation? Again it can be done! With a PDF of your InDesign and exporting to images, I can "trace" the text of your original and exactly match your letting and typography. And through creative cropping I can take cut your images into separate pieces and animate them!
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    Presentations on iPad and on the web (as Quicktime/Youtube or Flash video)

    I can convert your presentation to play on iPad and on the web as well, as QuickTime & Youtube and Flash movies. Whether it’s iPad or web video, I can maintain all original audio, video and animation, while allowing you to click through the show, just like paging through a regular slide deck. Most online options & softwares will allow you to create only static presentations or continuously-running movies. And even when they do support animation it is very limited. I have developed work-arounds for iPad and web that truly recreate the original presentation experience.
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    Screen Capture / Format Conversion / Audio & Video Editing for Presentations

    Do you have a youtube video you want to put in your presentation? Do not link to the web in case you don't have a reliable Internet connection, or in case the video has been taken down. For a seamless experience, let me expertly capture that video for you and embed it into your presentation! Need it trimmed down because you don't want the whole clip? I can do that for you. Edit together a few clips from different sources? Done! While I cannot provide the precision of a dedicated pro video editor, I can handle simple edits with ease using QuickTimePro, iMovie, or Adobe Premiere. Do you have videos or audio clips that won't play in your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation because it is the wrong format? I possess expert conversion software that will take care of this for you.
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    Photoshop Animation (Animated Gifs) in  Your Presentations

    Click here to see Photoshop animation working in a presentation (note: downloads will not work on mobile devices). Animated GIFs have long been used to create web banners. I know, because designing online banners was a sideline of mine before I decided to concentrate on presentation. In fact, I created the animations in Photoshop that you saw on my other pages that linked you to my presentation samples for download. But did you know that you can bring such animations into PowerPoint? And apply PowerPoint animation to these animations, creating levels of animation that look like motion graphics? You can really dazzle your audience this way. And while animated GIFs will not play in Keynote, I can make a QuickTime movie of such animation to leverage this technique for your Keynote shows.
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