Youtube Marketing

How YouTube and Video SEO

Impacts Sales Leads

YouTube Video SEO

The Power of YouTube and

Video Marketing

Video SEO is all about reaching a wider audience and getting more video views from search engines like Google. The increasing power of YouTube video cannot be denied. And with regard to SEO, YouTube is the second-most used search engine behind Google. And Google owns YouTube, which quite obviously propels your SEO on Google. Even more to the point, the shelf-life of videos for SEO lasts way-longer than a first-tier listing on Google alone. Even if you do not have a video for your business, our team can weave together a video with your images and animated text that supports your business. If you have already have a video, it can be used as is, or enhanced with our team’s video editing expertise.

People like to do business with other people, not a faceless entity. If you do not have a video with the face of your organization, we encourage you to provide a video where you personally talk about your business that we can put on your website and/or in a YouTube video. To reach the widest audience possible, YouTube is critical. And the best way to engage viewers to buy is to become relatable, where you passionately talk about your business.

And of course your video content can be placed on such platforms as Instagram and Facebook for greater reach and visibility, in the form of vertical video that is the correct proportion for viewing on mobile phone devices.

Examples of YouTube Marketing

Vertical Video

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